iHome for your iPod and iPhone

iHome_speaker_case.jpgTaking a shiny iPhone or iPod to your next beach trip to enjoy your tunes in sand, sun and sea environment might end up in a not so shiny iPod afterwards.

The beach is a great place to relax but a rough environment for electronic devices. Sand and splash water do not go well with them. And earphones might not be the most convenient way to listen to music while tripping from sun oil.

iHome has a cool looking solution ready for the summer season, the iHM4S, a colorful portable splash-proof speaker case that fits into todays lifestyle.

The iHM4 is a lightweight zippered stereo case that keeps the iPod safe while enjoying the beach, a picnic, poolside or any outdoor activity where the water and dust elements can harm the electronics or scratch the shiny housing.

The iPod iHome comes complete with carrying strap, stereo speakers on the backside and a see-through vinyl window that allows you to watch even videos. The access to the controls is easy via the see-through vinyl window.

A simple but effective solution that keeps the iPod protected from the elements but fully accessible.


Available by iHome in four different colors for $ 29.99, a small price for a huge convenience and protection to keep your iPod shiny for a long time.

Not yet available but pre-order is open and shipment should start in June (for the black version) and July for the colors versions.


  1. Oh, I love this iPod/iPhone bag! I want one!!!!!! Only wish I can find a shop which sells that here in Dubai… =(

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