Give Dad something sensible this Father’s Day

NuMetrex_Cardio_shirt.jpgLooking for a ‘sensible’ gift for your Dad? NuMetrex has a great offer for Father’s Day: a 20% discount on the Cardio Shirt for Men.

NuMetrex has a range of Cardio Apparel we love to write about. They look gorgeous and work perfectly. Getting a bit in shape at the begin of summer is on the agenda of many, not only our Dads’. The Cardio Shirts are more motivating than the chest straps that look always a bit funny on men beside the fact that they are uncomfortable and slip during workout.

Constructed of an advanced wicking fabric with special sensory fibers integrated directly into the garment. The sensing fabric moves comfortably with the body, picking up the heart’s pulse and sending it to a compatible heart rate monitor watch or cardio machine via a tiny transmitter that is snapped into a pocket on the shirt.

The NuMetrex Cardio Shirt for men is available in graphite and blue steel and goes for regular price of $58.95 but using the coupon code DAD during checkout you get 20% discount which makes it $47.16

This coupon code is working from now until June 15 when Father’s Day will be celebrated. Make sure your Dad has a transmitter and heart rate monitor watch otherwise you need to take care for that as well.

Get your Dad this year something ‘sensible’ – got it đŸ˜‰

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