Haute Tech Fashion with a twist: environmentally friendly and sustainable

Strapless_Dress.jpgRachel Bagley, a Fashion design student at South East Essex College (UK) created for her degree in Fashion Design a wearable electronic collection with a twist: all fabrics used are either organic cotton or environmentally friendly peace silk.

The aim of her collection is to show how wearable electronics, combined with the insightful selection of fabrics can contribute to environmental conscious fashion design.

Her wearable electronic designs provide the wearer with renewable energy for personal electronic devices by integrating solar panels into clothing.

She incorporated the ElekTex touch pad which provides an additional dimension of convenience for the wearer in the use of personal electronic devices.

Rachel’s first model, the Yellow Strapless dress, fuses style with wearable technologies inspired by sustainable architecture and the climate change.

The dress uses style elements of an umbrella symbolizing the climate change – which makes the weather more unpredictable – hence the umbrella inspired style.

Strapless_dress_closeup.jpgShe decided to use organic fabrics to emphasize the positive effect on the environment. Her love for fusing fashion with technology comes in the form of solar panels distributed in the dress to catch the sunlight from different angles as the dress flutters and moves with the body.

The solar panels collect renewable energy which can be used to power personal electronic devices.

As a final twist, Rachel incorporated in a unique and beautiful way the touch pad buttons as she observed many people these days are listening to their iPod on the way to work / during the day.

She says: ‘Why not embrace this and allow the clothing to make listening to music easier‘.

Solar_Dress.jpgThe second model Rachel designed for her wearable electronic collection is the Solar Dress-Jacket which takes its inspiration from sustainable architecture, in particular from columns and wooden window shutters.

Rachel loves the silhouette of the columns with their stone work and intricate detail and the idea that shutters protect the building from sunlight through strips of wood really inspired the pleats of fabric used as surface pattern on the jacket.

Driven by her love to technology which is as strong and for fashion she decided to include solar panels to transform the protection from sunlight into a renewable energy source. and ipod buttons as before with the dress.

The fabric used for the jacket is environmentally friendly Peace silk which does not kill the silk worm but allows it to naturally break free from the cocoon which is then harvested and spun into silk.

With the generous support and sample supply from Fran Tattersall from www.selectsolar.co.uk and Anita Mistry from QIO Systems, Rachel cleverly integrated iPod controls that do not have to be always in a jacket sleeve and Solar panels that do not have to be in a bag. Let Rachel’s inspirational design be a inspiration for the big brand designer out there 😉

The fabric has a unique soft quality with a shine and luster as well as being extremely soft which is in harmony with the style of the jacket yet in contrast with the shiny sleek surface of the solar panels.


Rachel’s work is pure in its aesthetic and style with a deep insight into todays trends of environmental awareness, sustainability and technology.

The most remarkable wearable electronic fashion design we came across so far in our restless search for the perfect wearable electronic design.

We are preparing a interview with Rachel Bagley to learn more about her outstanding Eco-Techno-Fashion designs. Check back soon, I promise you it will be a highly inspirational and interesting talk.


  1. Your desigers help me a lot.
    Thank you very much!
    I will take part in Environmentally friendly fashion show in my university.
    The Competition is very meaningful and I hope we chinese people Protect the environment better and better.

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