Smart glove is looking for investors

Adding audio control and cell phone navigation to gloves is not an entirely new idea, we have seen many concept designs and a few commercial ski gloves from various brands over the past few years doing that. Even gloves that make phone calls came along but none of these products made a real dent in the techno glove market.

Based on that precondition entrepreneur Willie Blount picked up the glove control idea, gave it a careful thought of what might have been the problem in the past and came up with a brilliant solution for the future: the BEARTek Bluetooth glove.

Recognizing the high cost of the electronic part in wearable electronics, a negative cost impact of a full integration of the electronic which might double the cost of a pair of gloves he designed a modular, exchangeable and upgradable solution.

BEARTek gloves themselves contain the switches, eTextile touch areas in fingers and thumb and a pocket that connects, holds and protects the expensive BlueTooth module.

The glove can be used without any electronic, just a cool designed glove or transformed into a smart glove by inserting the BT module.

Better yet, when the glove design goes out of fashion, change to a new pair of gloves, obviously from BEARTek, and connect again with your beloved electronic device. An additional benefit of such modular system: as technological developments advance faster than fashion trends, whenever there is a new wireless link available or new functions are the new ‘must haves’ just replace the module in the glove for an upgrade.

That all sounds cool but we are not there yet, BEARTek gloves are not yet ready for prime-time shopping – this project just passed the prototyping stage and is is now looking for funding to start up manufacturing. If you are interested and want to secure your first smart glove – now you have the possibility to make that happen and to get even your special design – depending on the amount of funding you provide.

Here is the link for more details about the BEARTek start-up project.

In case you wonder about the name BEARTek, it stands for: Bluetooth Enabled Audio Regulation Technology

While currently the main focus is on Audio and obviously cell phone control I can very well imagine such Bluethooth glove control could find a place among the professional, work wear sector where wearing gloves is standard procedure but still have the need to connect to electronic equipment.


  1. I have been reading and studying your invention of the beartek gloves, and i would like to know if i can buy the gloves at this time or when will they be on the market. Please let me know, Hope to hear from you soon, From Juan Rodriguez

  2. I would like to get more info. on the blue tooth BEARTek gloves, can you e-mail me a pH. number where i can talk to some one about this, and buy or invest, thank you . hope to hear from you soon. my ph. 620-669-3547

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