UltraFuture Style – Interactive Fashion Runway show and exhibition in Hong Kong

Interactive_Fashion_Hong_Kong.jpgUltraFutureWorld, a communication and collaboration platform dedicated to ‘shape the future of our world’, is organizing a exhibition and Runway show as part of the Hong Kong Fashion Weeks Spring/Summer 2009 trade fair held between July 8-11 in Hong Kong.

The UltraFuture:Style will explore the horizons of interactive fashion, lifestyle and luxury.

The most prominent exhibitor of the UltraFuture:Style event will be CuteCircuit, the creator of the award winning Hug Shirt, presenting their latest models that push the boundaries of Interactive Fashion.

During the Runway show models will feature textile based intelligent garments, interactive apparel, integrated electronics, new materials and cutting edge concepts.

UltraFutures’ Pavilion offers next to the Interactive Fashion exhibits presentations by leading fashion and lifestyle designers, luxury branding experts and industry professionals.

If you are in or around Hong Kong at the begin of July you should definitely plan a visit to the Hong Kong Fashion weeks event and the UltraFutureWorlds’ pavilion. If you can not make it, come back and read everything about it on talk2myShirt 😉


  1. Hello, my name is David Harris – I am president of UltraFuture. We have changed the date of CuteCircuit feature in order to maximize exposure and impact across Asia and globally. We are working with CuteCircuit to showcase their ideas and designs during the UltraFuture Expo, December 10-13, 2008. We are also working with CuteCircuit to bring together other participants and sponsors to create a fashionable technology runway show.

    We announced this event change in late April… apologies that it didn’t reach you in time!!

    Please come visit us in December – the participants and programme promise to be very inspiring and of real global relevance. Please contact Nick Fabrizio at nick.fabrizio@ultrafutureexpo.com to learn more.

    David Harris

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