The Swedish School of Textiles is looking for a Ph.D. student in Textile Design

wearable-electronic-jobsThe Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås is offering a Ph.D. student in Textile Design, a fantastic opportunity to be part of their team working on cutting edge – literally – textile technology including the development of techniques, methods, and aesthetic perspectives in the design of a new generation of textile products, including textile sound design, dynamic textile patterns, textile interaction design and textile space design.

Over the past years The Swedish School of Textiles has be immensely active in the education and research into wearable technology, making it one of the high profile centers in this field.

The position is on full time employment basis limited to 5 years. Admittance is September 2011. If you are interested in being at the cutting edge development of smart textiles click over to the Job Vacancy site at the University of Borås for the job offer details.


  1. This is a great news and the offer is really attractive. He/she will be very who get the chance to do this.

  2. hello kurt,am eseagwu oyenike and i was hoping to seek for a phd admission in textiles when i saw this sight.pls can you furnish me with informations regarding this reguest.thank you for this wonderful site and opportunity.

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