Move to your own groove with the Pacer Suit

pacer_suit.jpgIt’s sometimes difficult to move your body to the tunes of the DJ. How much better your performance would be if your moves dictate the groove?

The Pacer Suit from the designer Nikola Knezevic and Danilo Zizic can help you to move to your own groove.

This suit transforms every move of your body into sound by transforming your body into a musical instrument. The muscle movements are detected via the strategically placed sensors integrated into the suit. The muscle movements are then amplified and converted into sound.

A control panel on the front allows volume adjustment as well as selecting the type of sound, the rhythm to follow and more.

Depending on your movement you will get a harmonious rhythm and melody or an acoustical chaos that sounds like a construction site. But at least you can not blame the DJ for this.

Beside the fun effect of this concept, other uses imaginable could be for therapeutic treatments, recovery after illness or accidents and coming back to the fun side of life, a next generation of Wii controller for games.


A cool and interesting design concept with the potential to be used in many different areas and for many different purposes. Anyone up to the challenge to commercialize the Pacer Suit?

[source: Tuvie via Device]

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