eTextile Lounge by Lynne Bruning

eTextile-Lounge_Lynne-BruningA reminder for the creative, inventive and interested eTextile community around the world:

Lynne Bruning started a fantastic initiative to bring interactivity into the eTextile community around the globe by setting up and moderating the global eTextile Lounge via

A excellent opportunity to meet like minded, to get informed, to network and best of all to join in to the discussions, get tips and learn tricks from the best of the best in the eTextile world.

This weeks eTextile Lounge will be the third edition starting at 8pm MDT / 10pm EST / 2am GMT / 10am Asia on April 12/13th (depending which time zone you are).

Sadly, I can not make it (again) for this weeks meet-up but I know Lynne is planning to record the session so everyone as unfortunate as I am will be able to follow the meet-up off-line. For my part, I have to figure out a way to be able to the eTextile Lounge – a place I do not want to miss out ever again.

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