Redefining the colors of fashion – Amy Winters A/W 11 collection

Amy-Winters-AW11Media artist and fashion designer Amy Konstanze Mercedes Rainbow Winters is presenting her second collection of color changing fashion for the Autumn/Winter 11 season.

Amy’s first Spring/Summer 11 collection has been inspired by the vibrant colors of nature like the rain-forest, light rain, cloud bursts and tropical thunderstorms. The water-reactive ink disappears revealing the color underneath the dress whilst the sun-reactive ink turns purple.

The A/W 11 collection pays homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 Piet Mondrian collection and 20th century artists Picasso and Kandinsky.

Taking the colorful element of these artists, Amy added the wearable technology magic of the 21st Century to transform static color compositions into fluid, interactive color animation, reacting to the surrounding environment like sunlight, UV club light or music.

The use of color-changing inks is a unique feature to Rainbow Winters fashion designs giving them a technological twist which is so much matching with today’s lifestyle of interactivity, spontaneity, reflecting the constant change in our life.


Color-changing inks that react on sun (UV) light, temperature and humidity are relatively ‘low tech’, a perfect solution for introducing more advanced and complex wearable technologies into the fashion world.

Interested in having one of these iconic items in your wardrobe for this season? You can find Rainbow Winters S/S 11 collection at ‘123 Bethnal Green Road’ boutique in London. The A/W 11 collection will also be available in Tokyo, Japan at ‘Le charme de Fifi et Fafa’ boutique and soon worldwide at Amy Winters online store.


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    It’s a great innovative product. We would like to launch it in our product range. Kindly advise how to take it forward.


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