Drift off to your favourite music with a Speaker Pillow

Speaker_Pillow.jpgWorking and blogging all day long deserves to have a good and relaxing rest. Being a bit behind with my drifting off and relaxing I had a look around for some cool and comfy pillow.

I always stay close to the soft technology and a search for ‘sound pillow’ brought up the Sound Asleep Pillow with built-in Speaker. Lying in bed and drifting off, listening to my favorite music is the best way to unwind and relax.

A Pillow with built-in Speaker might not be the best thing to have if your partner is next to you but if you are alone, this pillow is great to glide over into dream land.

Sure you could just leave your audio set switched on but the more voluminous sound is not necessarily as softly and subtle as when it comes gently out of your pillow.

Another good reason to invest in a sound pillow might be the fact (or believe) that if you learn a foreign language you are best off for good results if you listen to the language lessons in a relaxed atmosphere or during the period before you finally doze off. If this learning method is correct, the Sound Asleep Pillow offers the best solution.

Sound_Asleep_pillow.jpgSound Asleep offers two versions, the basic version for £20.- ($ 39.50) and the Memory Foam Sound Pillow for £30.- ($ 59.25)

The Memory Foam moulds to the natural body shape which gives higher comfort and has small holes increasing air circulation and improves the sound quality

The Sound Pillow works not only with the iPod but with any MP3 player or radio as long as it has a 3.5mm stereo plug. The pillow does not need any battery as it uses the sound output of your audio device directly.

Ok – I got sleepy now and wish to have this cool Memory Foam Sound Pillow to drift off in peace 😉

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