Keyglove 2.0 looking for investors

KeygloveSince our first article about the Keyglove end of last year Jeff Rowberg kept working and improving his Open Source Hardware project – the Keyglove.

The Keyglove is is based on the Arduino/AVR and acts as wireless input for electronic devices like computers and potentially for computer controlled equipment.

What sets the Keyglove apart from many other sensing glove products/concepts is the combination of 34 strategically placed contact sensors and smart controller software which makes it possible to implement the entire English alphabet using simple one-to-one sensor contacts.

Besides the Bluetooth wireless connectivity and rechargeable lithium polymer battery the Keyglove includes a simple vibration feedback, audio feedback, and a status indicator LED.

This all sounds cool and I can imagine that a high-tech gesture translator glove can be very useful to bridge the communication gab between man-machine like for operators of equipment in the field where hand gestures can be translated and transmitted to the heavy lifting robotic machines – just to name one of many possible and usefully application areas.

Jeff is now looking into the commercialization possibilities for the Keyglove and listed this project on Kickstarter. If you are interested in seeing the Keyglove become reality and have some money to fund a start-up, go to Kickstarter and give your backing to the Keyglove.

via: Engadget


  1. It is a bit bulkier than I’d like, particularly the controller module that is so typically put together on a solderless breadboard for the moment. That will undoubtedly shrink considerably though once the design is finished. I’m also looking at possible ways to avoid using a full glove to provide a more open feel without sacrificing functionality. We’ll see.

    Thanks for posting this again!

    Jeff @ Keyglove

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