Comfy sound with the iLogic Sound Hat

iLogic_Sound_Hat.jpgIt might look a bit odd to write about headgear when summertime is approaching but there are parts in our global village who prepare for the wintertime and don’t forget even the best summer has it’s cooler days and nights.

Having established this lets move on to look what the iLogic Sound Hat can offer: it has built-in speakers resting over your ears which makes listening to music more enjoyable over longer times compared to earplug style headphones which have the habit to fall out easily especially if you move around.

A 98cm (38.58 inch) wire with a 3.5mm jack is tucked into the internal lining allowing you to plug into any iPod or other music playing device that has a headphone jack. The long wire gives enough freedom to have the player in a pocket or even bag.

The hat which comes only in black is made from 100% polyester and can be hand-washed after removing the speakers.

The iLogic Sound Hat’s simplicity in form and function offers a very good solution to protect your head and ears against the chill and gives comfortable listening experience. A good example how the integration of technology into clothing accessories makes perfect sense.

Available by for £14.99 ($26.98)

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