Global eTextile Hacker Meeting

eTextile-materialsLast night 8pm MDT / 10pm EST / 2am GMT / 10am WITA (South East Asia – Central Standard Time) – I hope I got all the time conversions right – Lynne Bruning pulled off the first Global eTextile Hacker meet-up in the virtual space with the help of an online service that offers live video broadcast and moderation and a parallel chat room to interact with the moderator and among the participants via text chat function.

At the above time eTextile lovers around the world connected to this first ever eTextile hackerspace event. It was nice to chat with people this way and Lynne’s moderation and initiation triggered at the end of the one hour event a lively discussion.

Considering the short preparation, the first public test of the system – it was amazingly exiting to participate and get to know new eTextile enthusiasts as well as chat with well known personalities.

Lynne is planning to make the eTextile hackerspace virtual meet-up a regular event, with the next session on Mar. 29th  same time as above.

Until then I suggest you sign up for free at USTREAM and check out Lynne’s video stream to be ready for next week and join the discussion, ask question, share your ideas, experience and help each other on and off-line.

Thanks Lynne for getting this organized – a fabulous initiative. I’m looking forward to check-in again into the virtual hackerspace next week.

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