Haute Tech turns the Light on

Moon-Berlin_illuminated-dress ‘Haute Tech': Turning the Lights On is the headline of a recent article in the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times, featuring the fashion illumination designs by Moon Berlin, a Haute Tech fashion design house founded by Brigitte Franken and Christian Bruns.

It looks to me as wearable illumination technology is putting a spotlight on wearable technology,  generating greater public awareness. Not really a surprise to me – presenting textile illumination never fails to ignite excitement and imagination of people.

Clothing with active light elements that radiate instead of reflect light, light elements that response to movement of the wearer or other stimuli touches peoples emotions, pleasant emotions such as surprise, curiosity, joy and smiles.

I am not a fashion expert who evolved into a hybrid between the two worlds, the technology and fashion but may vision of the past might become soon reality as I can clearly see that certain theologies like the textile illumination will become soon part of a fashion designers tool/material box to choose from when designing the next collection.

Moon Berlin’s first collection includes skirts, blouses, dresses and even handbags each featuring beautifully designs illumination elements giving them a sophisticated, techno-savvy look perfectly blending into our digital age society.

According to the NYT article the prices range between €1,000 for a silk shirt and go up to $2,750 for a gown. A price point not for the everyday outfit but these are gorgers looking high street fashion designs and the price is not (only) related to the integrated technology.

source: The New York Times

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