Nike Electrolite Arm Band – safety for runner

Nike_Electrolite.jpgThe Visibility for runners in low light condition and at night present a safety concern which is addressed by various reflective add-on strips and jackets or shoes.

To improve the visibility, active light emitting materials like LEDs or EL (Electro Luminescent) foils or wires is a more effective solution as it does not require light to be reflected.

There have been a range of concept designs and DIY projects among the Wearable Electronic community (look around our blog) to show possible solutions to this problem but most of them are still at the demonstrator stage.

But there is one very simple yet effective product on the market for quite some time from no one less than Nike the #1 outfitter for runners.

Called the Electrolite Arm Band it combines soft light embedded into an Arm Band to increase the visibility and safety at night while running. The Nike Electrolite arm band is an alternative to often-clunky LED running lights and definitely more wearable, speak comfortable.

Made of a flexible, lightweight, wide-angle wrap-around electroluminescent light bar that flashes on your upper arm. The small water resistant compartment houses two replaceable CR2032 batteries which provide around 20-30 hours of use and a low-profile on/off button.

The thin design weighs only a few grams more than an arm sweatband and won’t hinder your arm’s natural running motion. The wrap around shape ensures that the light can be seen from the front and the back.

Stay visible and safe while you go for an evening run with this Nike Electrolite Luminescent armband. It is not only comfortable but also affordable costing just $25.- directly by Nike or other sports retailers.

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