Introduction to Wearable Technology workshop

Wearable-Technology-WorkshopThe wearable technology event calendar is filling up rapidly in 2011, a sure sign for the growing popularity and awareness of eTextile developments.

Ricardo O’Nascimento at Popkalab is holding a 3 day workshop, running form April 27th to 29th in Sede Tecnol├│gica de la UNIA, M├ílaga/Spain.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to wearable technology, special flexible and conductive material (conductive fabrics, threads, yarns and other soft and squishy materials), basic electronics and to develop a wearable project using the learned techniques.

The workshop will start with an introduction to the universe of wearable technology and flexible circuitry techniques and to think about its utilization and potentials.

The participants will learn how to attach electronic components to cloths using conductive thread and fabric instead of soldering iron and wires and to explore the possibilities how wearable technology can enhance the functionality or aesthetic of clothing.

One of the topics Ricardo will put up throughout the workshop is the question: why we would ever want to put electronics in our clothes in the first place?

A very interesting question, a question I often get challenged and I would love to be there and participate in that discussions. As I am not able to be there personally I hope Ricardo will share with us some of the reasoning of the workshop participants.

Please check out the Workshop page for details and registration.


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