Future Textiles Summit

Future-Textiles-Summit Future Textiles is the name of a three-week long event focusing on collecting and communicating knowledge about smart textiles.

The Future Textiles summit is hosted by the Knowledge Center for Smart Textiles at TEKO Design + Business, VIA University College, in Herning Denmark.

During the summit, Knowledge Centre for Smart Textiles organizes the exhibition ‘Pretty Smart Textiles‘, an international prize competition and a large number of seminars, workshops and master classes targeted to companies, teachers and students.

Besides the ‘Pretty Smart Textiles’ exhibition, workshops for students, a Masterclass for design teachers, an expert summit, seminars for the textile industry and for International Students are the events that urn over the three weeks.

Interesting for students from all over Europe who are invited to take part in the international prize competition and 6,500 EUR pocket money for the winner which will be announced on May 12th 2011

The Future Textiles Summit starts on May 2nd and for 3 weeks Denmark will be the center of the eTextile world.

More information of all activities can be found on the Textiles Future Website – go and check it out, this extensive summit program offers a large selection of events covering every aspect from research to business.

This link opens the Future Textiles program in PDF format.

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