Intelligent Textiles Workshop

Intelligent-Textiles-WorkshopJust before the Smart Textiles Salon, the University of Ghent in cooperation with Plug and Wear and Systex organize a two part, three day workshop on Intelligent Textiles.

Part I will equip the participant with fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical insights in the field of intelligent textiles. The practical workshop, STS ToolTime, by Riccardo Marchesi from Plug and Wear will teach how to apply the information obtained in the lecture of Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove, building the bridge between the theoretical part and the design application.

Part II will consolidate and deepen the knowledge gained in the first part. Besides stimulating the participant’s creativity, this workshop will inform the participant about existing prototypes and possible application areas of smart textiles.

During the interactive exhibition at the Smart Textiles Salon, the participant can see, touch and experience realized smart textiles in functioning prototypes.

The course is open to all persons involved or interested in the field of smart textiles. Besides research institutes, academia, industry or public institutions, capital investors as well as designers are welcome.

Check out the Intelligent Textiles workshop page for all details or download the workshop brochure in PDF format.

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  1. I am interested in materials or garments that may be used as conductors for sensors located on the human body.The original concept was a vest by LIncoln Fabrics of St. Catherines Ontario that was intended for patients and military use.
    I would appreciate any information on developments in this area.

    Thank you, Earl

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