e-Textile Sensor Workshop for Musicians and Artists

reconfigurable_costume.jpgWearable Electronic and Musicians might not have a obvious relation but this is going to change. The University of California‘s Department of Music is holding the ‘2008 Sensor Workshop for Musicians and Artists‘ focusing on e-textile technologies.

New fiber and malleable materials including conductive fabrics, piezoresistive fabrics, conductive heatshrink tubing, carbon fiber etc. will be explored as sensor interfaces for use in musical performance, dance, video, sound and art installations.

This workshop pays special attention on sensor integration systems like the Make Controller Kit, Arduino (Freeduino, Lilypad, Orangutan, Boarduini, RBBA etc), CUI, and the latest OSC (Open Sound Control), and how to adapt existing sensors such as the Nintendo Wii controllers.

Included in this workshop is the possibility to build our own sensors from raw materials like conductive fabric, piezoresistive fabric, conductive elastomers, conductive thread, carbon fiber, conductive heat-shrink tubing.

I like the idea of using wearable technologies in a new application field to explore further the potential wearable technologies and e-textiles can offer.

Instructors of this highly interesting workshop are: Adrian Freed with Syuzi Pakhchyan, Yotam Mann and Jeff Lubow.

The 2008 Sensor Workshop for Musicians and Artists is a full week event starting Monday Jul 21. until Friday Jul 25. The workshop fee is $800.- including lab fees. As only a few spaces are left you better hurry and sign up following this link.

The are no prerequisites as all knowledge, skills and materials required are integrated into the class. Just bring your curiosity and your favorite way to take notes.

Who will most benefit by participating? Artists exploring new possibilities in interactive media, Musicians augmenting traditional instruments with new sensors, Teachers developing interaction arts curriculum, Engineers, Computer scientists, product designers interested in exploring artistic outlets and everyone interesting into working with e-textiles for interactive Fashion items.

Our antennas are tuned to receive the creative output of this workshop 😉

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