Creative Technology Studies – Soft Circuitry weekend

Soft-Circuitry-workshopThe Gray Area Foundation for the Arts has on their extensive list of workshops one that will be highly interesting for our smart (textile) readers: the Soft Circuitry workshop on Saturday April 2, 2011 and Sunday April 3, 2011 from 10:00am – 4:00pm

Instructor of the Soft Circuitry workshop is Lara Grant who will start with the history of wearables, an introduction to electrical components and schematics and to wearable conductive materials. After that intro the hands-on part starts with basics of how to prototype a sound generating circuit on a breadboard, how to use a multimeter and the making of wearable switches and variable resistors.

The second day starts off with an intro to the LilyPad, how to install software, more electronic insight into power management, sensors and how to transfer the test setup from the breadboard onto textiles.

Soft Circuitry is targeted towards beginner in eTextile technology and does not require prior experience with electronics or sewing. Nevertheless, Lara will make sure that every participant will walk away with circuits made in the workshop, as well as a list of sources for materials and further online resources to further their education outside of the workshop.

Registration is required as space is limited and a course fee of $ 240.- w/o or $ 290.- including all materials like the LilyPad. Click over and sign up if you are interested into making first contact with the world of smart textiles.


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