Fashion for Lovebirds – Embrace-Me Hoodie from Studio 5050

embrace_me_hoodie.jpgEmbrace-Me, a beautiful dark-blue canvas hoodie sporting the collection’s abstracted logo made of silver conductive fabric is the latest introduction of a huggable garment.

The Embrace-Me hoodie is for all the lovebirds of this world as the magic of the Embrace-Me hoodie will only work when two people wear the hoodies when they embrace.

The conductive fabric pattern will touch during embracing and power each other up in every sense. The (symbolic) energy transfer is translated into an explosion of light and sound.

Small white lights flicker on the back of each hoodie forming a big-dipper pattern while a faint heart beat sound is emitted symbolizing the one soul and one heart of deep love.

The hoodies themselves take their design inspiration from the construction of early Siberian hooded coats, creating an enveloping safe haven and romanticism.

embrace_me_back.jpgThe hoodies come in a luxurious, cashmere-like 100% bamboo basket weave that makes them very huggable by themselves already.

Studio 5050 which was founded and is led by designer Despina Papadopoulos is the creator of the Embrace-Me hoodie.

Blending the style of an artist with the magic of an electrical engineer, Studio 5050 creates clothing and accessories that become active and infused with subtle meaning.

What can I say, these hoodies are made with love for love.

The price of a pair (you need two to make the magic work) is $480 – $600 and the delivery lead-time is around 4 weeks.

[via: Trend Hunter]


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