A sparkling fashion future

umihotaru_etextile-dressThe fascination, the desire to add sparkle to clothing has a long history going back decades if not centuries of fashion design. Throughout fashions history designer came up with ideas to add different materials to their designs, materials that reflect light and add emotional as well as style sparkle to our wardrobe.

Thanks to the recent developments in wearable technology and the creativity of a new generation of fashion/techno designer these passive, light reflecting sparkle elements can be transformed into active style elements, painting aesthetic and mood reflecting transformation on clothing.

One of the many examples on how young designer embrace the wearable technological possibilities is design student Laura Andrews who created together with her engineering boyfriend the Umi Hotaru or’Firefly of the Sea’ dress with discrete light elements that creates mystic light effects, diffused by layers of chiffon and tulle fabric.

A unique test is the addition of a sling bag with integrated solar panels collecting solar energy during the day and connects to the dress in the evening to bring the sparkle of the dress to life. No fossil fuel resources are needed, it uses clean energy on a beautiful styled dress that is pleasantly to look at by day an night.

For many people it is till somewhat alien to have active style elements on clothing. We are used to the fact that clothing is static, does not interact with the wearer or the environment.

Sometimes humans can not follow the speed of technological development but over time humans always evolve and embrace the possibilities of new technologies. Active clothing that matches our personalities, that adapt as we adapt to our environment will become as natural as our love to glass, metal and paint glitter elements we love on our clothing today.

via: Electricfoxy

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