Nalini Biker shorts with textile sensor

HRM_Biker_shorts.jpgWe are well into the spring season and it’s time to get out of the chair and do more exercise.

I was looking around for my new Wearable Electronic workout gear and came across this very interesting Polar compatible Biker shorts from Nalini, an Italian company specialized in high performance biker outfit.

Shirts and Tops with integrated textile sensors are available from Numetrex and Adidas but biker shorts using a textile sensor is new and a great idea.

Not only does it take away the very annoying chest-straps that rub the skin, Nalini placed the Polar transmitter on the back where it does not interfere with your action. The attachment of the Polar transmitter is done via simple snaps.

The Rododendro bib shorts upper part is made of breathable mesh, reflecting materials on the back and rubberized bottom leg bands are more features of the Rododendro bib shorts.

Nalini Rododendro bib shorts are part of the top line in the Nalini product range, developed based of the experiences from professional bikers. The use of innovative materials, a unique style and high tech heart-rate sensing technology makes these shorts an excellent example of ‘made in Italy’ sports fashion.


Available for example via this link for € 119,95 (around $187.80) excluding a Polar WearLink Transmitter.

The Rododendro bib shorts get the highest marks on our Sports-Tech scale, for it’s overall style and for its innovative use of e-textiles.

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