Evolved Footwear’s Illuminated sneaker light up the summer nights

Nike_light_sneaker.jpgEvolved Footwear (EF) offers a range of amazing looking, illuminated customized Nike dunks. Light up sneakers and shoes are gaining momentum judging on the products and concepts popping up lately.

Light in clothing as well as in interior decoration items like pillows, carpets and even sofas become more and more popular. Fabric that ‘suddenly’ lights up creates additional magic to lighting and gives the term ‘soft light’ a new meaning.

To light up Nike sneakers was not the first priority of Brandon Laskowski a Northwest senior marketing major who started in 2001 customizing his sneaker for the love of it.

His customization was so cool that people around him got interested into his upgraded sneakers and this attraction kept Brandon motivated to add more and more designs and as a unique twist the light dimension.

Laskowski began displaying his customized Nikes online in 2005 under the name Evolved Footwear offering customized sneakers.

Some of our techniques include textured faux snake and gator skins, engraving, peel aways, light up, fabric, painting and more.


The ‘Illuminated Confusion‘ Nike Dunk features a pattern print with neon green light-up lateral sides that either blink or glow.

The lighting on each shoe gets powered by a single AAA battery.

Different designes of light enhanced sneakers are on offer costing $400.- a pair and can be ordered by Evolved Footwear. Order lead-time is around 2-3 weeks as each sneaker is 100% hand modified and upgraded.

[source via Engadget]


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