FashionWare on stage at the SXSW exhibition

FashionWare-SXSW_2011 Syuzi over at Faschioning Technology is very busy organizing the first major event in wearable technology of 2011, the FashionWare SXSW exhibition on March 18th and 19th in Austin, Texas.

The FashionWare show will bring on stage the most advanced and beautiful wearable tech garments of today. Here is a short list of some of the highly interesting designs awaiting the visitors to see: Klight, designed by Mareike Michel, Laser Suit from Wei-Chieh Shih, Petal Dress by Amy Winters, 3Elctromode with designs from Valerie Lamontage and Magalie Cn, Bats Have Feelings Too by Lynne Bruning and the Twinkle Pad by Diana Eng.

Check out the video below, made by Syuzi as teaser for the FashionWare show and admire all the creativity and aesthetic designs, see how innovative technology transforms fashion.

FashionWare SXSW from Syuzi Pakhchyan on Vimeo.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit the FashionWare Show but if you attend this event please drop me a line and tell me what I have missed by not being there.

For more details check out FashioningTech.

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