LED Gloves bring sun (LED) shine in your live

LED_Glove.jpgLux et Deco a French retailer of LED (Light Emitting Diode) jewelry and all kind of LED enabled interior accessories has added a unique product to their program, a LED Glove that put light into your finger tips.

Pointing to something or someone gives a new meaning to the term ‘shedding light on it’.

The battery bowered glove has LEDs on the tip of each finger to brighten up your life … maybe.

I am not sure if the LED glove does have any practical use although the suggestion on Lux et Deco’s Website makes the claim to improve the ‘visibility of police officers, security, firefighters, mechanics to get on your car engine …

Nevertheless, Lux et Deco sells the LED Glove for €29.- ($45.-) a pair. Maybe they can light up your next party or help you finding the keys in your bag when coming home after a heavy night out.

Not everything in live has to be serious and not every stuff people by for their outfit is covering a need but is there just for a bit sun (LED) shine in life 😉

[technabob via Gizmodo]

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