modwells – wearable Wellness and Fitness assistant

modwellsSmart-phones added a new dimension to our lifestyle by offering an App = solution for almost everything imaginable and if there is no App yet – it will be made soon.

Increasingly, these smart pocket devices connect to all kind of peripherals like sensors, extending our sensibility towards the environment and even our body beyond our natural sensory capabilities.

Integrating some of these sensors into our wardrobe is one of the ‘natural’ things that will happen sooner than later. It is not always practical and convenient to attach sensors to clothing or stuff them into a pocket at the start of the day.

Jennifer Darmour at Electricfoxy in cooperation with Artefact developed a complete Wellness and Fitness recording system based on ‘moodwells‘, modules that plug into sensing garments like the body positioning garment in the photo, recording the wearers activities all day long.


The collected data are send to the modwells cloud where it can be accessed and analyzed by authorized persons like the wearer, medical assistants or family.

Keeping an eye on ones personal well-being becomes increasingly important with the decline of our environments well-being on one side, creating the needed to watch out for pollutants but also to monitor the personal lifestyle and listen to the well-being of our body before it is too late.

The modwells Wellness and Fitness system is a interesting concept, weaving literally wearable technology into our daily life.


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