eTextile treasure chest: Kit-of-No-Parts

Kit-of-No-Parts_eTextilesHannah Perner-Wilson, currently working on her masters degree in the High-Low Tech research group at the MIT Media Lab, started the Kit-of-No-Parts project, a Website that presents easy to access information about ‘electronics crafting’.

I like the term ‘electronics crafting’, this distinguishes the work associated with electronic Textiles to the work of conventional electronic design.

Crafting electronics is what eTextile designer are doing most of the time, taking electrical functions like PCB traces, sensors, resistors or switches and craft them by using textile process technologies like weaving, stitching or knitting and the use of electrically conductive ink, thread and fabrics.

The Kit-of-No-Parts Website has a very appealing navigation structure in matrix form showing on one axis the process technologies and the other axis examples of which type of electrical function is most suitable to create with a specific process.

Sub-categories drill down into moor details for each process and material, providing application examples and links to other interesting places about wearable technology.

Kit-of-No-Parts is a brand new site with lot of Work in Progress but there is already lots of interesting information around which makes it a must-visit-and-bookmark site for eTextile designer.

via: The Twisted wrap

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