Burton Ghetto Blaster Feedback Pack

Burton_Feedback_Pack.jpgBurton, well known for the fashion-street-skating-snowboarding brand and the very first brand that commercialized an interactive backpack added a BoomBag or Ghetto Blaster backpack to it’s range called: Feedback Pack.

Actually, the Feedback Pack has been available since 2007 but Burton made a style makeover for a Spring 2008 launch with cool looking designs.

The Feedback Daypack has a built-in stereo speaker set, an amplifier and auxiliary input allowing to connect any portable audio player or a laptop that has an 3.5mm headphone plug. A tear-off CD storage panel fits underneath the zippered speaker cover.

The large main compartment comes with a laptop sleeve. A great feature for skater: the Feedback includes vertical skateboard carry straps.

Feedback_pack_detail.jpgThe speaker module as well as the backpack itself is weather resistant so there is no worry if you walk down the street in rain. The Feedback Pack will keep on playing.

Available in Rock Salt Bullet (my personal style favorite, see photo above) and True Black Strict Plaid, the Feedback Pack can take a lot of stuff on board measuring 19in x 11in x 9in / 48cm x 27cm x 22cm adding up to a volume of 24l.

There are many online stores selling the Feedback Pack for $ 89.95 for example following this link.

Burton’s choice of speaker technology might not be as ‘magic’ as the NXT technology but it does give good sound quality and most important: another option to have decent background sound while skating, a basketball game or just relaxing in the great outdoors.

As there was a time in the 80s and 90s where a Boom box or Ghetto Blaster was a must have item, it seems the 21st Century equivalent will be the BoomBags.

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  1. I remember when Ghetto blaster bags first came out, I was still in High school and I remember them not being very good. Im gonna hold back on getting one of these even though I like Burton stuff.

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