Under Armour Electronic shirt

Under_Armour-E39-sensor-shirttalking 2 your Shirt is becoming soon a reality thanks to the latest wearable technology innovation from Under Armour, a company founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, with the dedication of creating innovative performance apparel for men, women and youth.

The E39 electric shirt with integrated sensors and attachment point for the ‘Bug’, a tiny computer that holds a triaxial accelerometer, a processor, and 2 gigabytes of storage. This super bug records heart rate, breathing rate, skin surface temperature and acceleration.

The performance data are stored on the 4.5 oz Bug but can also be wireless transmitted via Bluetooth to smart-phones, iPad and laptop, giving the trainer real-time information of the athlete’s movements and performance.

Under Armour partnered with Zephyr, a company which makes wearable biometric monitoring systems for the defense and health care industry.

It is impressive how Under Armour’s wearable technology team utilizes wearable tech possibilities to create a meaningful product, able to transform the way professional athletes can reach peak performance without being wired up like a Lab rat.

The super Bug shirt will become available to fitness enthusiasts in 2012 – so in a years time you can ask your shirt: ‘How fit I am today?’

I like to close this article with a statement, taken from the video, made by Sam Hollenbach, Innovation Engineer at UA: ‘We can measure your potential‘.

source: Wired


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