Hot jacket for cold days

Milwaukee-Heated-JacketWho didn’t wish to have a bit extra heat while bracing the arctic cold outdoors. Not so long ago many  folks in Europe and in US got a taste of the cold force of mother nature.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty, portable electric power tools is not the typical brand we expect to embrace wearable technology but thinking about it more closely, tools-technology and work-wear go nicely hand in hand.

The M12™ Cordless Heated Jacket is the answer to all the cold days home improvement folks and professionals have been waiting for. The M12 is a multi layered soft shell jacket providing water and wind resistant.

Integrated are three carbon fiber heating zones, two on the front and one at the back giving extra heat when needed via three selectable heat settings.

The electrical power comes from Milwaukee’s range of portable power tools battery packs and the power tool charger. This makes the M12 a fully integrated product for the semi-professional home improver and professionals working outdoors on construction projects.

You might say working outdoors will heat you up and keep you warm anyhow but think again – there are times you need to wait or supervise others while chilly winds are blowing around you.

This surprisingly good looking work jacket comes also to an amazing low price starting at $119.- (excl. battery and charger)or $182.95 (incl. battery and charger)


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