ONO Glow Sneakers for safety and fun on the run

ONO_Glow_sneaker.jpg ONO Running demonstrates how glowing sneakers can provide safety and a bit of fun. These Glow sneakers have the potential to (r)evolutionize sneakers for runner.

This may be a bold statement but I do believe the ONO Glow sneaker concept does add the high value of being more visible during running in low light condition and at night. Higher visibility means less likeliness to get hit by a car when running cross country.

The inventors of the ONO Glow sneaker Matt Galica and Elliott Temkin had such close encounters with cars during their regular runs and decided it’s time to change this.

They looked for a solution to ensure the visibility in any condition. After using reflective gear they realized quickly it’s short comings as such reflective products need light shining on it to visible.

Another wish was not using add-on accessories as they can be easily forgotten when leaving home. Add-on items have also the ‘habit’ to be just an add-on and as such not fitting well and might interfere with the running.

Their solution: using the entire sole of a running shoe to make runners more visible without the need for any add-on.

That’s what I call the perfect Wearable Electronic concept: add functionality to clothing items without changing their wear purpose and comport.

We asked Matt Galica how ONO Glow works: ‘The light comes from three color LEDs which is diffused through a particularly elegant substrate, a sophisticated type of side-emitting fiber optic that distributes light along its length giving 360 degrees of continuous illumination.

ONO Glow is designed in such a way that should you not want to light up, the Glow can easily be turned off by pressing a button on the side of the sole and the fiber optic element will blend discreetly into the mid-sole of the running shoe.


Although the illumination is the main feature of the ONO Glow, there is another technological highlight, the power source for the light. According to Matt, ‘… it will be powered by a rechargeable battery that never needs replacing, and our innovative charging solution means no exposed terminals and nothing to plug into the shoe.’

Highly interesting statement which sound to me like inductive charging as you might have seen on tooth brushes. Very smart, very clever and a perfect solution for a shoe where keeping a charger socket clean might be a too big of a challenge.

To add a bit of personalization to the ONO sneakers, the light’s color can be selected to fit everyones preferences and taste. A nice finishing touch of a great concept with many elegant solutions.

Check out the video to see yourself the sophisticated glow of the ONO sneaker:

The ONO Glow sneaker is at a demonstrator stage at this moment but Matt and Ellitott look for funding and business partners to start production of the first ONO Glow sneakers as soon as possible.

Anyone interested in a partnership can contact Matt and Elliott via their website or drop a note in our comments.

Let’s see if the ONO Glow can hit the stores and running tracks before the end of this year, just in time for the short daylight season.


  1. What an amazingly fantastic idea. It’s the adult answer to those crappy little blinky shoes that kids have. These shoes are practical and fashionable. You can be safe without wearing a giant orange reflective vest and I bet they will look sweet while running. When can I get a pair?!

  2. I’m pretty excited about something like this. The richness of the color really blew me away.

  3. Bomb! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. What’s the status on development? Future purchase date?

  4. A company called Jezign already came up with this idea and holds various patents on the concept. Their shoes are currently being sold nationally at Finish Line and I am sure they will sue this company. http://www.jezign.com

  5. Jezign may have light up shoes, but where are the light up shoes for women? Forget the high heel shoes. I want these! and I don’t even run!

  6. Now this is what I want…This is great for walking in the evening time…hurry up and get them on the market.

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