Workshop – Where Electronics Meet Textiles

Electronics-Meet-TextilesBack after a blogging break caused be work overload the past few weeks and a energetic start into 2011.

The first blog entry for this year is the upcoming workshop ‘Where Electronics Meet Textiles‘ arranged by eTextile guru Lynne Bruning at Sparkfun headquarters.

The two day workshop help on Saturday Jan 15th and Sunday Jan 16th 2011 start off the wearable technology year by getting hands on to electronics, textiles, computers and fashion under the fabulous guidance from Lynne and Troy Nachtigall, an Italian eTextile Master and award winning textile artist.

As special guest of the workshop, Nwanua Elumeze, founder of Aniomagic, will share his company’s hardware advancements in eTextiles.

The workshop cost is $175 which includes the Lilypad Pro Kit and special fabric sensors from Plug and Wear.

Workshop location: Sparkfun Classroom 6175 Longbow Drive, Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80301

Hurry up and register, the class size is limited, sign up here or here

A Happy New Year, good to be back online again.


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