Hoodie with Stereo Speaker

hoodie_speaker_system.jpgA few days ago we had the story of the Hood.e running, a concept design that demonstrated the integration of speakers into a Hoodie. The creator Tim Dubitsky is looking now for commercialization partners.

To my surprise and some search on the WWW, I did find a Hoodie with Stereo Speaker system integrated into the hood, available for you to order and rock away.

Stressed and Depressed Ltd, a new UK fashion label specializing in the street-wear market, is behind this amazing piece of Wearable Electronic.

This Hoodie is using NXT‘s SurfaceSound technology designed into a Stereo Speaker Insert module which can be easily clipped directly into the hood of any Stressed and Depressed hooded garment.

hoodie_speaker_module.jpgThe speaker insert is a stereo speaker system which is made from 2mm EVA foam panel speakers connect to a 3 watt amplifier which is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Via a 3.5mm headphone plug any iPod or other MP3 player will work with this Hoodie.

As I mentioned in the Hood.e article, making a detachable speaker module would eliminate the problem with a washing machine proof speaker system. Stressed and Depressed has solved this elegantly with the detachable unit and added the NXT technology to keep the speaker part soft.

An added bonus of a modular system is the technology (hoodie sound) can be moved from one garment to another as long as it is ‘made for hoodie sound’.

The sweater itself is made from 100% cotton and available in black or white zip-up or pullover designs. The hooded sweaters with stereo speaker retail for £55.- ($ 107.50) by Stressed and Depressed but shipment to mainland UK only.

I like the guys from Stressed and Depressed, putting this unique and for sure a lot of comment catching product on the market.


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