Smart Urban Wear – The utope project

Cybernomade-SuitAustrian Designer Wolfgang Langeder and the Fraunhofer IZM / Stretchable Circuits in Berlin, have joined forces to develop Smart Urban Wear with focus on an innovative display on clothing.

‘The utope project approaches a textile utopia: The exterior of clothing becomes a display. This creates the possibility to change its surface like a chameleon skin or to use it like a computer display.

The first model in the Smart Urban Wear collection is the ‘Cybernomade Suit‘, an intelligent business suit.

The integrated display interacts with a smart phone tucked away in a pocket inside the jacket and indicates an incoming call or SMS on the jacket outside.

Besides the sophisticated look this interactive style element which is building the bridge between the soft, digital world and the physical world, the indication of an income call or message does not require humble excuses when talking with someone and the buzzer goes on in our pocket.

Personally I prefer to see pleasant to look at light on my conversation partner coming to life telling me he/she will pick up the phone instead of trying to find lame excuses for putting our conversation on hold.


I am curiously looking forward to the expansion of the Smart Urban Wear collection from Wolfgang Langeder in cooperation with the wearable technology wizards at the Fraunhofer IZM and Stretchable Circuits.


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