Coming up: Smart sports apparel from Reebok

conformable-electronicSports apparel brand Reebok joins the growing list of sports brands that utilize soft, wearable technology in their apparel lines to record and stimulate the active folks around us in their drive to break records or just to monitor the fitness level.

Either way, the integration of a sensor network in sports apparel is getting high attention among these brands.

According this this press release, Reebok teamed up with mc10, a company founded in 2008, to develop the next generation of electronic systems through its Conformal Electronics Platform.

Unlike our main focus on talk2myShirt which is the integration of electronic functionality into fibers and fabrics, the mc10 technology is utilizing the research from founders Prof. John Rogers of UIUC and Prof. George Whitesides of Harvard, by fabricating coiled interconnecting metal wires onto the plastic.

The mesh is then bonded to a pre-stretched sheet of rubber which is encapsulated in a bio-compatible transparent piece of rubber. mc10’s technology platform uses standard tools and processes, combining the performance of traditional semiconductors with the mechanical properties of elastic (stretchable) materials.

The result of this methodology are elastic sheets of plastic like material which can bend and stretch with a bodies movement making it interesting to integrate in smart fitness and sports apparel that keep track of your mileage, sweating and degree of fitness.

We will keep on eye on the cooperation of these two companies and report back when the first smart Reebok shirt hit the shop shelves.

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