Taiwan eTextile Fashion Show

Wearable-technology-design_TaiwanThe Shih Chien University in Taipei is worldwide one of the most active places around wearable technology, nurturing and educating aspiring fashion technology designer in the art of wearable technology.

Earlier this year we have posted about the students at the very same University who envision a invisibility dress making the wearer invisible with the flick of a switch.

Last month Shih Chien University in Taipei was running a wearable technology workshop for it’s students with my good friend Paul Gough with whom I had the pleasure to work beside him a few years ago on revolutionary wearable tech research.

With the guidance of Paul and the inspiring educational atmosphere provided by Grace Hsieh, assistant professor at Shih Chien University and the technical support of  Jerry Wang, grad student at the National Taiwan University, the creativity of the students is astonishing as you can see yourself in the video below.

The wearable technology workshop, running over the period of 8 days, was attended by 64 Students in two classes and grouped in 17 teams, unleashing their creativity on the exploration of wearable technology and fashion.

The creativity of the garment designs are an excellent example how wearable technology is enriching fashion design by providing animated, interactive elements to our clothing. Stunning examples of a great, creative group of future fashion designer.

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