Hood.e – a wearable sound hoodie

wearable_sound_Hood_e.jpgBoomBoxes are something from the distant past (80s), BoomBags start to emerge in the market recently.

BoomJackets or in this case a Hoodie give the ‘Boom’ a new twist of listening to music without blocking the ears completely to stay aware about the surroundings when out on the streets.

The ‘Hood.e’ is a design concept of Tim Dubitsky who created it as a present for his nephew who walks a dangerous route to school that crosses busy thoroughfares.

As Tim observes correctly, earphones block out all sounds around us which can lead to dangerous situations and even accidents.

Tim Dubitsky didn’t release any information on how the speakers are integrated in the hoodie, if the speaker can go through washing machine or dry-cleaned cycles or if the speakers are detachable.

We put forward the design challenge to our creative readership to come up with a solution for a washing machine proof wearable speaker or a concept where the wearable speaker system can be detached during cleaning.

Nike_ACG_CommJacket.jpgI can give you one hint: Nike had as part of their ACG range a CommJacket on the market for a short time (back in 2005) where the small speaker unit was attached via simple but effective snap buttons at the collar of the outdoor Jacket.

Creating wearable, detachable speaker is not as impossible as it might look at first.

Any other brainstorming ideas for a wearable speaker in clothing is very welcome in our comments 😉

[source: core77 via Gizmodo]


  1. We had a sweatshirt like this that was washable and DID work and did not have to detatch anything to was it…it was made by WIRED FOR SOUND and we got it at Target 2 years ago…can’t find a replacement for the outgrown one we have now!

  2. we had the same hoodie and looked relentlessly for a replacement when our son grew out of his speaker hoodie.. never found another one, can’t even find the company who made them. sad.

  3. I bought 3 hoodies with speakers in the hood at Target about 7 or so years ago. They were awesome & my kids LOVED them & to make it even better: they were very easy to wash & dry. My kids have outgrown them and we are desperately looking for replacements but can’t find any. HELP!!

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