VJacket – a wearable controller for live video performance

vjacket_diagramThe use of wearable technology for performance wear on stage is one of the driving forces in the exploration of wearable technologies.

The VJacket is a great example on how to integrated a performers motion on stage to manipulate videos and sounds in real-time.

Built into the jacket are bend, touch and hit sensors which you can use to send OpenSoundControl or MIDI messages wireless to the VJ program of your choice, letting you control video effects and transitions, trigger clips and scratch frames all from the comfort of your own jacket.

Tyler Freeman and Andreas Zingerle, the creator of the VJacket, integrated 5 sensors into the VJacket: 1 Softpot, 2 piezos, 2 bend sensors, 1 photo resistor.

Check out the fantastic video clip, it shows how cool this type of stage outfit can be.

Tyler and Andreas make the VJacket development freely accessible for everyone to follow as DIY instruction on the VJacket project blog.

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