A wearable keyboard – the Keyglove

KeygloveTouch screen gloves connecting people to their smart devices are commercially launched in a massive way this year but some innovative people like Jeff Rowberg think ahead transform a simple glove into a very smart input device, taking away the touch screen altogether.

It’s kinda logical to add computer brain power to gloves as our hands are a vital communication element. Fitting gloves with smart eTextile elements like Jeff proposes in his Keyglove design allows our hands to talk to a computer.

The basic idea of the Keyglove is to generate signals similar to the one produced from a conventional keyboard by touching different combination of fingers and position on the finger to generate the numbers.

The Keygloves input concept works similar to the input on older cell phone keypads. Touch and stretch sensors throughout the glove pick up the gestures and convert into computer understandable signals. An on-glove accelerometer is used for mouse control functionality.

Jeff figured out that ‘using simple one-to-one sensor combination (made by touching one sensor to only one other sensor), there are 59 ergonomically easy possibilities.


The complete detailed work in progress on the Keyglove is very well documented on Jeff’s Keyglove blog, a huge source of information around and about gloves and includes a ‘Build your own’ Keyglove tutorial.

What could be the best places for the Keyglove to shine? I would imagine for people who have to input simple commands or information like in warehouses, logistic centers or in-the-field service personal where carrying around even small devices of the iPad style or even PDA form factors are already too cumbersome to take care during the action.

If you are interested into a commercial product out of this fabulous concept, click over to the Keyglove site and participate in the voting on the right screen side.


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