THINK – a stylish view into the future of fashion

Think-MagazineI have to disclose first: I am contributing to THINK Magazine, an innovative and stylish  online magazine covering the beautiful things of life like art, design, fashion and technology. You guessed it – my contribution is mostly about wearable technology.

The latest issue of THINK Magazine relates almost entirely to the future perspective of fashion, from technology to sustainability including an interview with Moritz Waldemeyer.

Making a prediction on the future of fashion is an highly speculative endeavor as fashion is widely related to the mood swings and social developments which are as well difficult to predict.

Having said this, the collection of articles in THINK magazine take basic trends like the need for a more sustainable lifestyle and the advancements in technology and highlights their possible influence into the future of fashion.

Have a great time reading THINK Magazine and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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