Handwear – the interactive glove

HCID_glove.jpgWe have seen gloves that control the iPod, that keep the fingers cozy warm in winter and that make phone calls. The next generation of gloves will have many more sensors integrated to control multiple wearable devices by lifting different fingers.

This is at least the vision of RallyPoint, a recent MIT startup, which wants to deliver innovative solutions that reliably enhance the safety and effectiveness of professional heroes: Soldiers, law enforcement officers, firemen, and rescue divers.

The glove called ‘Handwear Computer Input Device‘ (HCID), will be used as an input device for soldiers’ wearable computer systems. It has four push-button sensors sewn into its pinky finger, fourth finger, middle finger and index finger, as well as a fifth sensor on the middle finger that can act like a computer mouse.

Embedded in the backhand area are three accelerometers. The sensors are used to activate radio communications, view and navigate electronic maps, and send commands.

The glove’s functionality makes a lot of sense for the soldier in the battle field where silence is not only gold but also life saving. Being able to communicate with fellow soldiers via the wearable electronic system silently can safe lives.

Rescue personal and emergency staff will be another area to be explored for the usefulness of this concept.

Going down the time line I can see the computer game industry adopting the Handwear for even more realistic game experience after the successful adaption of the 3rd space gaming vest.

The Handwear Interactive Glove is yet another example of the emergence of a truly wearable electronic wardrobe. Gloves that control an iPod today will soon become a MacBook navigator 😉

[via Technology Review]

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