DIY eTextiles – Sewable Disc Button

eTextiles_Sewable-button Sewable eTextile Buttons are the creation of ClothBot Designs using the unique service of Shapeways.

The Sewable Disc Button is designed with diagonal thru-holes in the pegs for sewing conductive thread and has at it’s center a hole straight through it, acting as a socket for thru-hole component terminals and wires.

These little buttons are the perfect addition to the eTextile material box providing a perfect solution to make a mechanically robust and electrically isolated contact when sewing with electronic components.

The Sewable Disc Button sells for $1.80 each and can be ordered on the Shapeways online store.


Shapeways is a highly interesting Website/Service allowing DIY enthusiasts to get small scale production of any kind of 3D designs by uploading a design to their site and place the order. A easy way to materialize design ideas.

Thanks Lynne for pointing talk2myShirt to this unique eTextile component.

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