Give your feet the attention they deserve

Alina_LED_shoe.jpgWe have seen some hi-tech shoes lately so lets round of this week with another ‘technology meets shoe’ product, Alina DesignsLED lighted Dress Shoes.

For women, shoes like handbags are something you can never have enough. They are bought based on emotions and only as a second thought on practicality. Let’s face it ladies – that’s the truth and the truth only.

Alina Design has made LED illuminated shoes that hit exactly this sweet spot, the emotional side of buying a pair of shoes.

Each shoe has 3 LED’s red/green/blue which can be mixed to create any color shade imaginable. The LED’s are so powerful, they light up easily the floor near the shoes. One AAA battery will illuminate the heel for about 12 hours. A tiny computer controls the LEDs in each shoe to give 5 basic modes of LED cycling plus “secret” modes and “holiday” modes that the user may figure out based on some hints.

Besides the high-tech heel, the LED shoe’s upper part is fairly standard using real leather in some shoes or intricate woven transparent synthetic in others.

The Alina LED shoes are truly Hi-Tech using Chromasic™, a technology invented by Color Kinetics, which is the ‘brain’ of next generation LED lighting systems making a host of previously unimaginable applications possible. Another technology used in the heels is Smartjuice® also from Color Kinetics which is a technology that multiplexes power and data over a 2 wire circuit. That’s enough tech-speak and a lot of technology in our heels nowadays.


Alina Designs is selling this Hi-Tech shoes via their online shop starting at $85.00 and go up to $125.00. To my surprise (or actually not that much of a surprise) all except the STARRY NIGHT (left model) is out of stock. I visited the online store two days ago and found four out of six models where available. It seems the LED Shoe is a big hit.

Put your feet in the spotlight they deserve 😉

[via trendhunter]


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