The magical illumination of a Carpet

Illuminated-Persian-carpetDutch designer Dorith Sjardijn takes traditional crafts like carpet weaving and upgrades it with 21st Century technology.

The ‘8-bits kleed‘ is a beautiful example on how to do that in an esthetically pleasant way by tufting EL-wires into a Persian rug, creating cracks of light along the woven pattern.

The brilliance of such design is in it’s simplicity to make, even for DIY novices, and the strong aesthetic and emotional value this carpet upgrade creates.

A highly inspiring example on how to make use of a bit of soft electronic to bring a magical glow into the home.

Dorith Sjardijn teaches e-textiles at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and is Curator at Exhibition ‘PrettySmartTextiles‘.


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