Italian solar fashion from Ennio Capasa

solarfashion_bag.jpgThe magic or practicality of renewable energy provided by sun light and transforming it into electrical energy via solar cells has attracted Italian fashion designer Ennio Capasa from CoSTUME NATIONAL to create a range of high end – high tech Solar Handbags combining fashion, functionality and technology wrapped in Italian design.

Fine strips of mini-solar panels in contrasting colors on the front of the bag supply a small battery concealed in the lining.

The bag scome with a selection of connectors that adapt to every brand of cell phone, iPod and other digital accessories.

For women, the Solar Bag comes is two stylistic variants: the burgundy or black suede bauletto or the classic handbag. The male version offers a city bag made from brushed calfskin or buffalo.

solar_handbag.jpgFor years, Ennio Capasa has experimented with sustainable materials — bamboo mixed with cashmere for example, and with new concepts. The solar handbag is his latest exploration in sustainable fashion using solar technology in combination with bag design, making Italian luxury contemporary.

CoSTUME NATIONAL is a luxury goods brand creating innovative style by merging street and couture with day and evening wear elements.

Ennio Capasa founded together with his brother CoSTUME NATIONAL in 1986 with stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Generating your own electricity for your cell phone, audio player or PDA has never been more fashionable. The launch date of the solar bags is set for September 2008.

[via: fashion & runway]


  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the pointers to other Ennio Capasa sources. Yeah – he is a great and innovative designer :-)

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