Give your iPad the smarTouch

smarTouch-touch-screen-glovesMost of today’s smart devices are fitted with touch screens that only work when in direct contact with the skin as they need the skins conductivity.

Unless you are willing to take off your cozy warm gloves each time you get a phone call, check your email, change your playlist, get money via an ATM, fill up your car at the self-service gas station, you need to pay attention to what glove technology you wear.

Gloves that transfer the skin conductivity through the fabric to the touch screen are a must-have nowadays or face the cold reality to take off your gloves each time you face a touch screen.

smarTouch™ gloves, the latest addition in the growing touch screen compatible glove market, offer the magical touch needed to go through the frosty days ahead and stay connected with all the smart touch devices around.

Isotoner, the brand behind the smarTouch™ gloves send us a pair to check how well they can stay up to the cold challenge.

Visual inspection: the smarTouch™ gloves are made for subzero temperatures with an outer skin made from elastic honeycomb nylon making a snug fit around the hand.

The inside is lined with ultra soft plush material, very pleasant feel to the skin and capable to keep the fingers warm for a long time. The smarTouch™ gloves are crafted beautifully, suggesting they are made to last.

Now to the most important feature: thumb and index finger tips have embroidered areas made from electrically conductive thread connecting the skin, electrically, to the touch screen surface.

Sliding, tapping and texting on a touchscreen is a breeze even with this double layer gloves over the fingers. The large conductive areas ensure a continuous connection to the skin even when the gloves are not tight fit as I could find out when asking a friend with smaller hands to test.


Besides the smart touch capability, this gloves have another valuable feature: the palms and three fingers are imprinted with a silicon mesh, giving a very good grip for the precious device in hand.

You would be surprised how easily these shiny polished plastic, metal and glass devices slip trough the fingers stuffed in soft, warm gloves. Having gloves with anti-slip surfaces at the areas where these devices rest is a priceless feature in itself.

The test verdict: beautiful, city style gloves that face-off any touch screen coming along and best of all, for $30.- a pair they provide the best insurance we can get for all the precious devices we carry along all these cold days.

Watch out for our smarTouch™ gloves Giveaway, we have three pairs for talk2myShirt readers ready to be picked up.

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