Smart Fabrics 2008

smart_fabrics_2008.gifFor the 4th year running Intertech Pira is organizing the Smart Fabrics conference between May 5-7 in Charleston, South Carolina, US.

Intertech Pira’s Smart Fabric conference is the most significant event of the year for the Wearable Electronic community and business.

A long list of high profile speaker from leading Wearable Electronic companies and pioneers of wearable technologies will attract visitors from around the globe to get up-to-date information on the latest trends and technologies in the e-textile sector as well as the Interactive Fashion market.

A focus point of the conference will be the business issues facing the industry, including market size, commercialization and business challenges, potential for growth, technological advances and hurdles, application trends, design considerations, and production economics.

The 3 day event will kick off on the first day with 4 seminars held by Torsten Linz from Frauenhofer Institute about ‘Integration Technologies for Electronics in Textiles‘, Jukka VanHala from Tampere University of Electronics about ‘Understanding and Working with Wearable Technology‘, Tom Martin from Virginia Tech about ‘The Latest Developments in E-textile-based Wearable Computing‘ and Clive Van Heerden from Philips Design about ‘From Intelligent to Sensitive – ‘Soft Technology’ Applications for Real People‘.

The second and third day is reserved for speakers from the academia, industry and business. Presentations from Wearable Electronic trend setters like Maggie Orth, Mortiz Waldemeyer, Leah Buechley and Janet Hansen, to name a few, will ensure a high quality event. A complete speaker list can be found via this link.

At the end of the first day a panel discussion on ‘commercializing smart fabrics’ invites conference attendees to actively join the the discussion.

Based on the speaker list and topics covered, the Smart Fabrics 2008 will be the most interesting and direction setting event of Wearable Electronic in 2008.

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