Haute Tech Fashion Jeans

Keyboard_Jeans.jpgThe recently published ‘Keyboard Jeans‘ by designer Erik De Nijs on Yanko Design is adding a new twist to the Interactive Fashion trend which is slowly but steady growing.

Sure, the ‘Keyboard Jeans’ are easily labeled as ‘Geeky’ and ‘Nerdy’ pushing form far beyond function but is this not the case with many Haute Couture designs in the fashion world?

Only when designer go beyond the limits progress in fashion (and anywhere else) will be made. Without people challenging the set limits means no progress in life, technology and fashion.

Haute Couture fashion designer like Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent are experimenting and pushing the fashion limits in every new collection by presenting iconic models that will not make it to the shops but explore new techniques and materials which eventually will become our new fashion trend one day.

Haute Tech Fashion will follow a similar path to make progress and become part of future ‘ready to wear’ collections. The first name of a growing list of Haute Tech fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan is adding to his fashion shows Wearable Electronic inspired models to explore the value technology can add to fashion, emotion, aesthetics and style.

Keayboard_Jean.jpgBack to the design concept of the ‘Keyboard Jeans': having the complete multimedia system integrated in jeans might never be something that people will buy but it is demonstrating how jeans would look when having this type of interactivity.

Taking existing technologies like Fibretronic’s wearable remote control or ElekTex fabric keypad technology, some sensible and practical interactive functions in jeans would be possible for the ready-to-wear market.

Point in case is Levi’s RedWire DLX Jeans first launched in 2006. The ReWire DLX was only available a short time and the integration of the keypad was not the best of what design could do (technically and aesthetically) but it was a first step into exploring the possibility clothing could offer on interactivity with our every shrinking electronic devices.

Our clothing gives plenty of space for convenient, fun and stylish looking interaction with our micro and nano devices.

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