Tron Costume by Syuzi Pakhchyan

Syuzi-Pakhchyan-Tron-CostumeBeing an expert in wearable technology helps tremendously when designing a out-of-this-world party outfit.

Point in case: Syuzi Pakhchyan, author of the book Fashioning Technology and the wearable technology Community site Fashioning Technology designed the Tron: Quorra Costume for this years Halloween but it would be a waste of beauty if she would only wear the Tron outfit once a year.

Using EL tape from Glowhut, Syuzi’s experience and expertise in wearable technology have been the magical mix to create a fabulous looking Tron outfit – the best I have ever seen.

Besides the challenges of cutting EL tapes to size and connecting them to the battery power, she use a modular design for the illumination feature of her faux leather outfit, by attaching the light design via Velcro.

I love modular design in the wearable technology space. Modules not only allow the removal of the delicate electronic when washing the garment, it allows also to use the wearable technology design on different types of garments.

Syuzi is planning to write up a complete how-to guide for DIY enthusiasts – something many eTextile seamstresses look already forward to see.

Check out more photos of this gorgeous looking Tron Costume at Syuzi’s Blog.

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